Are Reg D 506c’s/Reg S/Reg A+ successful in raising funds for an ICO?

While most of my competitors say “Reg D/Reg S/Reg A+ are only good for “consumer products”, and have proven unsuccessful for blockchain”. We’d say they are TOTALLY WRONG.

You see, my competitors have no clue what they are doing in blockchain… they have an investor DB that has an affinity towards “consumer products” and they are trying to get those guys to invest in our world….
Bottom line: it won’t work!!!!

Blockchain has a different blueprint.. It involves community building + influencer out reach + PR (in the right geos)+ more. If you follow this blueprint you’ll be successful (I have outlined it several times in my LI posts…please go over my past posts for more info).

To win and be successful in raising money you require a blockchain FIRST team…
Choose wisely… and best of luck!

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