BrightCOIN and InterVentures Partner in Southeast Asia Expansion

Following the MOU with AEC Securities, InterVentures (INTV) continues its pursuit of an end-to-end value chain to help startups across the South East Asian region grow to the maximum potential. This time, INTV signed another MOU with BrightCOIN to provide a full range of scaling services from market expansion to structuring for fundraising through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings (STOs).

BrightCOIN is a California-based turnkey platform which enables entrepreneurs to launch legally compliant ICOs and STOs with no upfront fees or coding required. In this partnership, BrightCOIN will be providing technical support regarding ICOs and STOs to blockchain and other tech-enabled projects that INTV have structured.

BrightCOIN CEO and Founder, Vince Mundy

BrightCOIN’s mission is to simplify and optimize crypto fundraising, therefore, the critical factor is to make sure that the projects are commercially well-received. This is where INTV comes in. INTV will not only refer its clients to launch their project with BrightCOIN, but also help businesses under BrightCOIN expand into South East Asia where it has experience and an array of trusted partners.

This unique collaboration will help startups scale seamlessly, from overseas market entry to raising capital to fund their aspiration. Startups operating in South East Asia will serve the market with a population of 630 million and over US $2 billion in ICOs and STOs investment. Startups within this ecosystem will enjoy the best of both worlds; to be assisted upon entry to one of the world’s most lucrative markets and to launch an STO through a simple and trustworthy platform.

InterVentures CEO and Founder, Paddy Tan

Paddy Tan, the CEO and Founder of InterVentures said, “In the digital landscape, agility is really important when it comes to business scaling. Startups must plan their strategy to enter new markets and raise fund to execute simultaneously. BrightCOIN platform comes with a solution that enables companies to create their own cryptocurrency and launch an STO in minutes at no initial upfront fees, thus will reduce complexity, improve the speed and increase the success rate.”

According to Vince Mundy, CEO, and Founder of BrightCOIN, “Teaming up with Paddy and InterVentures allows BrightCOIN a great opportunity. We’re thrilled to take part in this ambitious Southeast Asia expansion.”

This partnership stems from a shared vision of the two CEOs who successfully scaled their companies out of their own countries. This is their collective mission to help other businesses grow to greater heights and enjoy the benefits that the decentralized technology brings.

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