How To Purchase Digital Securities On The BrightCOIN Platform

In this post, we go over the steps an investor must complete to invest in an STO on the  BrightCOIN platform.

Almost all security token offerings in the US are launched under Reg. D, 506c, Reg. S, or Reg. A+. And as everyone knows by now, every contributor must not only pass KYC and AML screens but also must be accredited investors. So what does a contributor see when he clicks the “Invest Now” button on an STO landing page?

You’re immediately taken to the issuer’s branded page to create an account.

Once your email is verified, you’re presented with a screen that asks if you’re investing as an individual or an entity, such as an IRA or irrevocable trust, for example.

You’ll then provide the information to complete the KYC and AML scans.


If you registered as an individual, then you must upload the appropriate investor accreditation documents that will be verified.



Alternatively, if you registered as an entity, you must upload the appropriate documents for verification as well.



You’ll then be informed that your documentation has been submitted for verification. The verification process typically takes 24-48 hours to complete.


Next, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire detailing the conditions of the offering. You must acknowledge that you’ve read them all individually then read and acknowledge terms of service and privacy policy.




On the next page, you’ll be presented with a form to make your contribution. Choose the currency you wish to make your contribution with, in addition to the amount you’ll contribute. Your contribution will automatically calculate the number of tokens you’ll receive for your contribution based on the current exchange rate.

Then, you’ll be presented with the issuer’s subscription agreement. Read it carefully, agree with the terms and sign.



The only step left is to confirm your token purchase.


That’s it! You’ve completed the whole token purchase process and will receive your tokens at the close of the STO.


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