Malta Signs Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Bills into Law

The government of Malta confirmed last week that it had approved three crucial bills that provide the necessary regulatory framework for the blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

According to Malta Today, the three laws were namely the Innovative Technological Arrangement and Services Act, Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act, and Virtual Financial Asset Act.

This was a giant step taken by the government of Malta towards turning the country into a major blockchain and related technologies hub. Read the entire CoinCentral story here.

1 thought on “Malta Signs Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Bills into Law”

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    We haven’t deployed but we have our multi sig Smart Contract ready. We want to be outside the US regulation, we are people with 25 + years of pristine reputation on businesses for several deals with million in the process. So now that we jumped full into BC space, before when I was buying BTC in 2011 or 2012 it was a hobby, now it is time to go full on BC space and our project has great opinions from BTC foundation members, speakers and authors of BTC books since 2012 and so on…

    So let’s talk and se how we can work together is you are open to talk and explore business or collaboration opportunities

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