Reg D, Reg S, Reg A+ — Which One to Choose?

I suggest a hybrid approach:
-Start with the Reg D and raise up to $2 Million.
These will be your traditional investors (VCs, angels etc). You’ll probably have to raise on a Convertible note+Token sale agreement. So, you’ll be giving both equity + tokens to investors.
– Use a part of the proceeds from the Reg D to set up for a Reg A+. BrightCOINs costing for a Reg A+ is $75K (some lawyers charging $500K or more for this). Set your Hardcap to $15M-$20M and use the remainder of the reg A+ allotment for airdrops/bounty programs. With the airdrops you’ll build a nice strong community that’ll be the foundation of your main sale.
Sounds interesting? Contact me and we’ll show you the path!

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