BrightCOIN Launches New Website

The new BrightCOIN website with fee schedule and product features explained. Compliant digital security offerings, STOs, and ICOs can be launched in minutes.

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Build a Compliant Security Token Offering (STO) in 15 minutes on BrightCOIN

The BrightCOIN platform offers a complete turnkey technology solution for building and launching security token offerings (STO) and ICOs. Depending on if you want to accept US investors, building an ICO is a breeze. So is building an STO that allows an issuer to accept US funds. This is the second part of a two-part post that will focus on how you can build an STO or ICO on the BrightCOIN platform.

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BrightCOIN and InterVentures Partner in Southeast Asia Expansion

BrightCOIN and InterVentures are combining expertise to help businesses scale up through crypto fundraising instruments.

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What does BrightCOIN do?

What does BrightCOIN do?

BrightCOIN is a platform for launching token offering… in minutes and for Zero upfront fee!

BrightCOIN enables visionaries to create a coin, launch an ICO/STO and get crowdfunded in an easy and compliant manner. In doing so, BrightCOIN strives to set the gold standard of SEC compliance and the legitimization of ICOs/STOs. 

Essentially, we’re a crowdfunding platform, a Kickstarter, for ICOs/STOs. We do this by:

  • Enabling entrepreneurs to easily create a coin and launch their ICO/STO for ZERO upfront fees and without any coding, while being compliant with the security laws of multiple countries.
  • We provide the comfort of raising money without having to worry about contributor compliance. We manage the KYC and AML processes and all other due intelligence including accredited investor verification.
  • There is no upfront fee to launch a token offering on the BrightCOIN platform. 
  • There is no coding required to launch your token offering on BrightCOIN


In addition to the BrightCOIN product itself, we’ll make our compliance and investor verification services available on the blockchain. Digital identifications will be created for each investor, thus enabling anyone to whitelist investors. Hundreds of ICOs/STOs and new exchanges are launching every month. With this blockchain, investors won’t need to keep giving their information over and over again to different sites. Once we issue the investor an ID,  we’ll provide the information to anyone who obtains that investor’s permission. [...] 

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