BrightCOIN and InterVentures Partner in Southeast Asia Expansion

BrightCOIN and InterVentures are combining expertise to help businesses scale up through crypto fundraising instruments.

Are VCs important for ICO/STO issuers? Vince Mundy CEO BrightCOIN @ Echelon Asia Summit 2018



Roadshows & Raising Money in Asia

Q: Would you pay $100,000 for an ICO/STO investor roadshow? How about $10K for an ICO advisor to pitch you to investors? There are 2 types of proposals that Token offering advisors are floating: 1) They’ll organize an Asian roadshow for you. The premise is that you fly down and go to a bunch of conferences. They get you on stage and you talk about your product. The charge for this is around $100K. 2) The advisor will talk to investors on your behalf and you pay them $10K-$25K for their efforts, plus a success fee of 3% But do …

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