To All STO Issuers in USA Who Want a Successful Fundraise

One of the most effective methods for a successful STO is community building on Telegram, Bitcointalk, Reddit etc.

Airdrops are a critical aspect to gaining community and crypto investor momentum. I would go as far as saying that without airdrops you can’t have a successful ICO.

So, what options do you have?
Reg D?
Now, you can’t really do a successful Airdrop on a Reg D (it’s for accredited investors only)

So what’s the fix?

Do a Reg A+ and declare the airdrops as a part of your sec filing. Once approved you’ll be able to do national and international airdrops (this is a brand new concept that we are testing). This will enable you to get the crypto investor community involved…. thus increasing your chances of success.

If Reg R+ is not an option then may be considered an STO out of Malta without taking U.S contributors.

Contact me if you have any questions.

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