What is the #1 Most Important Thing for a Successful ICO?

What is the #1 most important thing for a successful ICO?

I am surprised at how many issuers floating an ICO have this answer wrong. So…
Drum rolls, please!!!!


The most important aspect of a successful ICO is community building. Before you spend a penny on marketing/ FANCY ADVISORs (which are mostly not worth it) start building a community on Telegram, Bitcointalk, and Reddit. Talk to them. Share your whitepaper and vision. Show them how you differentiate, why will you win etc…. Basically, make them your fans. Then do Airdrops/Rewards and bounties. This stuff really goes a long way and helps lay the foundation for a successful ICO.

The way I see it is: If you build a strong community the fundraising takes care of its self.

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